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Dave Bescoby Dave.bescoby at virgin.net
Tue Jun 20 05:11:58 EDT 2000

Dear list

I am currently trying to import a Unix ASCII file into GRASS 4.2.1 which consists of eastings and northings values and a spot height value (using a space separator). The import seems to work OK, but when I attempt to run s.surf.tps or s.to.rast modules, there seems to be a failure to recognise the spot height values. The s.surf.tps module throws up a '# prefix expected...' message for every line in the site file, and reports a segmentation fault once the module has run. Similarly, s.to.rast produces a raster file, but with non of the height values represented. 
I notice that in some of the manual entries for the s.in.ascii command, a -e flag is described for importing files with spot heights, but this does not seem to be available within the version I'm using.

Any suggestions as to how I might be able to get around this will be greatly appreciated!

Best Wishes

Dave Bescoby.
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