Lambert projection for France

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Wed Jun 21 13:32:43 EDT 2000

Lionel wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm a new Grass5.4 french user. I would like to begin with simple
> operation like testing map projections under Grass. I've just found m.ll2u
> function and it works quit well. But what I obtain is UTM coordinates. I
> would like to obtain Lambert2 coordinates.
> The function should be m.geo, but I can't find it among my binaries. Could
> someone tell me where I can find it ?
> Thanks in advance
> Lionel Bargeot
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Hi Lionel,

are you using GRASS4.x or GRASS5.x?

You can use m.proj for projection and inverse projection of single
values or from a file. I suppose this is a new version of m.geo. But the
m.proj from GRASS4.3 only supports 7 different projections (one is
Lambert Conformal Conic, is that what you need?), the m.proj from
GRASS5.x has about 100 projections. 

If you want to use these projections with data, you have to create a
location with this projection. 



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