Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Fri Nov 3 09:01:55 EST 2000

On Fri, Nov 03, 2000 at 01:59:30PM +0100, Dr. Ralf Kunkel wrote:
> Ricardo Wagner Martins wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I am trying to digitize lines on Grass using the v.digit command. Even
> > if I "click" several points it gives me  an error when I quit :
> > "Only one point digitized - ignored"
> > I am running Grass5b8 on a Mandrake Linux 7.1 based machine.
> > Can anyone help me ?
> > Thanks in advance.
> >
> > Ricardo Martins
> > Brazil
> In the Custimize menu you can set the digitizing /snapping threshold. Try
> to decrease it.

Hi Ricardo,
please don't forget to set the correct map scale in the map definition
sheet (when opening the vector map with v.digit). Otherwise you can't
set the digitizing /snapping threshold properly.



PS: Dr. Ralf Kunkel:
>  WWW:    www.fz-juelich.de/STE
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