[GRASSLIST:1086] Re: Has GRASS been used for radio propagation studies??

Eric G . Miller egm2 at jps.net
Sun Nov 5 16:39:23 EST 2000

On Sun, Nov 05, 2000 at 04:08:13PM -0500, Ed Troy wrote:
> I am wondering if anyone is aware of any individuals or organizations that 
> are using GRASS for radio propagation studies and predictions. I am VERY 
> new to the program, and I am not really aware of its limitations, etc., but 
> it seems that it could be an excellent tool for predicting radio 
> propagation for cellular systems, etc.
> If anyone is aware of such uses, or add-on modules, I would like to hear 
> about it. Also, if there are fundamental limitations of the software that 
> would preclude such applications, I would also like to hear about that.

This came up before several months ago (maybe search the archives).
Closest module I can think of is r.los (line of site), but it really
can't account for the bending and drop-off of various EM radiation (like
microwaves).  Also, r.los doesn't work well with lat/lon rasters, so
some segmentation might be required depending on the area of interest.
Even so, r.los could probably be used for coarse estimations.

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