[GRASSLIST:1100] Re: Mac OS X build

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Thu Nov 9 12:39:58 EST 2000

Hi Andy,

On Thu, Nov 09, 2000 at 10:42:55AM -0600, andy agena wrote:
> hi jeshua: 
> out of curiosity, what are you planning to do with the user interfaces 
> (tcltk & nviz)?  are you going to rewrite them in cocoa?  this seems 
> like the best option to me, as the end user won't have to mickey mouse 
> with an xwindow emulator.   
news for GRASS 5.1 (forthcoming): a python-interface is under development.

> i'm not much of a programmer, but i've tried to compile the grass5beta8 
> sources on mac osx and it fails on the first line of the ./configure: 
> [localhost:/opt/grass] andya% ./configure 
> creating cache ./config.cache 
> checking host system type... configure: error: can not guess host type; 
> you must specify one 
> so this (i think) means  the machine architecture name isn't in the 
> configure.in file, but i'm not sure where to write it in: 
Please try the CVS version. Recently I updated this "host guessing":

grep mac config.guess 
        # Determine the machine/vendor (is the vendor relevant).
            amiga) machine=m68k-unknown ;;
            arm32) machine=arm-unknown ;;
            atari*) machine=m68k-atari ;;
            sun3*) machine=m68k-sun ;;
            mac68k) machine=m68k-apple ;;
            macppc) machine=powerpc-apple ;;
            hp3[0-9][05]) machine=m68k-hp ;;
            ibmrt|romp-ibm) machine=romp-ibm ;;
            *) machine=${UNAME_MACHINE}-unknown ;;
        echo "${machine}-${os}${release}"
    # The situation for MiNT is a little confusing.  The machine name
        echo powerpc-apple-machten${UNAME_RELEASE}
        echo mips-dec-mach_bsd4.3
        echo i386-pc-mach3

So the CVS version should be able to manage this. Get it at:

Of course the next release of GRASS 5, too (will be GRASS 5 stable).

A note on GRASS 5 stable: We are currently hunting the remaining 
release-critical bugs. If you (each reader of this mail) are willing
to help, please contact us. The bugs are listed here:

Only after fixing the release-critical bugs we will publish
GRASS 5 stable to provide a *stable* and relyable GIS.

Kind regards

 Markus Neteler

PS: If you have problems to compile GRASS, please let us know. Only
then we can help...

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