[GRASSLIST:1110] Re: Error compiling on Mac OS X

andy agena andya at mac.com
Sun Nov 12 21:15:36 EST 2000

Hi list:

Thanks for all the suggestions (on a Sunday, no less!).  Since I'm playing
with compiling from home (i.e. modem) and not from work (t1), I'm waiting
until tomorrow to download the CVS snapshot and take Markus's advice.
> Are you building under the MacOS X public beta release or the server version?
The public beta.  

> Are you using gcc as a compiler? If so how did you build it or get it?
I got a copy of the OS X developers' cd, which has cc (gcc, too, I think,
but I can't check because I'm working off my OS9 side tonight)--it was
mailed to me as an Apple ADC member.

There is a free [hefty] disc image of the developer tools you can download
you can get once you join ADC (join the "Online" ADC for free

Thanks again,
Andy Agena

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