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On Thu, Nov 16, 2000 at 02:28:48AM +0100, Stefan Rothe wrote:
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> > would'nt it be much simpler just to import a new coastlines data set, e.
> > g. from the GMT package/Shoreline database?

The GMT is on the freegis CD. The documentation outlines how you
can convert GMT data to shapefiles:

> > Perhaps we should prepare a new global dataset with some more
> > documentation. Any hints where to get data?

VMAP0 rev3, this is the successor of DCW.
We have the four CDs and can copy and send them out if you cover our
(and we should all lobby to get VMAP1 released from NIMA.)

> May be the pangaea-database is helpful? They provide coastline and
> bathymetric records of different resolution, normally for use with their
> software "PANMAP".
> Might be worth a glimpse: www.pangaea.de

There is some data available from:

It would be interesting to know if PANMap is free software or not
(because they did not mention that source code is available.)

and if the the data is all free data (in the sense of freedom).

Then we could list it on freegis.org.

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