[GRASSLIST:1161] Re: r.proj questions

Eric G . Miller egm2 at jps.net
Mon Nov 20 21:31:06 EST 2000

On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 04:58:22PM -0800, Jeshua Lacock wrote:
> Hello all,
> Looking at the manual page, I am confused about the following r.proj
> parameters:
> input=name  (Input raster map from source location.) 

The simple name of the source raster in the other location.

> location=name (Source location of input map.)


Also you may specify the mapset=<name> if it's possible you have the
same input raster name in different "mapsets" of the same "location"

> I assume one parameter is the unix file path and one is the grass
> raster object name?
> dbase=name (Database of input map)
> Is dbase expected to be the unix path of the DB or just the DB name?

If it's in a different GRASS database (yes, a directory path). This is
optional.  For myself, I only use one GRASS database with several
locations/mapsets.  Easiest that way.  However, the data could be
located elsewhere in multiuser scenarios.

Eric G. Miller <egm2 at jps.net>

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