[GRASSLIST:1175] Re: grass-jni binaries

Alexandre Sorokine sorokin at vtt.co.jp
Thu Nov 23 22:25:53 EST 2000

Hi Stefan,

I am one of the original author of GRASS-JNI.  What version of GRASS are
you using GRASS-JNI with?  Even though GRASS-JNI is found in GRASS 5
distribution, it can be compiled only with GRASS 4 series because some of
the basic data structures had been altered in GRASS 5 to accommodate
floating point and null values.  I have not yet noticed that anybody had
really ported it to GRASS 5.  There are precompiled binaries of GRASS-JNI
for GRASS 4.2 on Sparc Solaris on my old web page:


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