[GRASSLIST:1176] Newbie Q

Ben-Nes Michael miki at canaan.co.il
Fri Nov 24 04:42:18 EST 2000

Hi & Thanks in Advance :)

Im trying to build a tourism web site that's include map that can do:

* show layers by request.
* one of the layers will be roads.
* other can be forests, rivers, restaurants ,,,,,,
* I will be able to calculate the shortest way between two locations (on
* Zoom out, zoom in ( while doing this small details wont be shown - so
in big ratio maps i wont be seeing small trails or ponds ).

My Q are:

1. Is grass is the platform for my requests ? ( or at least which of
them can be achieved with grass )
2. What is the easiest way to digitize (import) in the material. ( by
photoshop, autocad, grass itself ? )
3. Is there any better solution to my demands out there ?

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