[GRASSLIST:1200] Displaying sites as areas

simon.kagstrom.864 at student.lu.se simon.kagstrom.864 at student.lu.se
Tue Nov 28 06:48:17 EST 2000

Hello Grasslist!

I'm working on my thesis in Human Geography about the distribution of developers
in free software (or "open source") projects. One of my ideas is to produce maps
over the distribution of developers in two projects, namely the Linux kernel and
Debian. While the actual map producing has been done, it needs a bit of
analysis :-)

I'm using Grass5 beta8 for Linux and what I'd like to do is to produce a map of
"hotspots" where many developers accumulate, perhaps like a
temperature-map. Now, the data is stored in a (well, two) site-files, and is
there a way to make a raster map out of those? (I've tried s.to.raster).

Furthermore, when plotting the site-files, can I somehow make "icons" for places
with the same coordinates to somehow stand out, like with bigger icons?

// Thanks, Simon Kagstrom

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