[GRASSLIST:2233] Re: Projection questions

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Wed Aug 1 04:44:09 EDT 2001

Eric G. Miller wrote:

> > > The management of coordinate systems should've been reorganized when
> > > the proj4 library was added.  Instead, we got this PROJECTION_OTHER
> > > thing.  Anyway, all the infrastructure is present, it's just the
> > > organization of it that needs help.
> > 
> > Speaking of projections, can anyone suggest any online (or
> > downloadable) tutorials on the subject? I've read the stuff in chapter
> > 2 of the CAST GRASS tutorial, but I could do with something more
> > substantial.
> Some basic info is available at Geographer's Craft:
>   http://www.colorado.edu/geography/gcraft/contents.html
> _Geodesy for the Layman_:
>   *** NIMA's website is fsck'ed, so that may not work ;(
>       (if their website wasn't screwed up, you could also get an
>        excellent reference on WGS 84 and it's relation to several
>        other datums -- if you want it let me know [big PDF])
> POSC.ORG (Epicentre) has a detailed discussion of coordinate systems and
> transformations:
>   http://www.posc.org/Epicentre.2_2/DataModel/ExamplesofUsage/eu_cs.html

OK, thanks for those. I'd already encountered the first two via the
URL which I posted, but the third one was new (and quite useful).

> The European Petroleum Survey Group did publish an MS Access database
> with a gazilion coordinate systems from around the world, but I can't
> seem to locate them anymore (was epsg.org).  I've a copy of the database
> last winter...

I don't have MS-Access, but FWIW, it's at:


In any case, it wasn't so much the specifics of individual coordinate
systems I was after, but an introduction to the key concepts and
terminology involved.

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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