[GRASSLIST:2241] Re: Vector Import..

Hans Koren Hans.Koren at nr.no
Thu Aug 2 02:57:48 EDT 2001

Dear list,

Thanks for comments to my problems with the v.in.shape command.
In this particular project we are not interested in the vector map
as such, but a raster map made from the vector data. I was not aware of
the command r.in.shape, but I got a tip from Roland Muench, and this
seems to solve our problem. But this should not stop the efforts of
making v.in.shape work properly.


Muench, Roland wrote:
> Hans,
> Had similar problems and in the end managed to completely crash my box a
> couple of times as it run out of memory. Solution for me was to use
> r.in.shape instead of v.in.shape on the same file without any problems.
> And this also has the advantage of not having to use v.to.rast down the
> line.

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