[GRASSLIST:2253] Re: Printing postscript to a designjet

Henk Coetzee henkc at geoscience.org.za
Fri Aug 3 03:56:53 EDT 2001

Hi Lionel

On Thu 02 Aug 01 10:11, Lionel wrote:
> Le Mercredi  1 Août 2001 16:43, vous avez tappoté sur votre clavier :
> > I have just spent most of the afternoon fighting with a designjet 650,
> I spent several week with a dnj650C

That makes me feel better.
> The solution seems to be ghostscript with a ps to rtl transformation. RTL
> is a HP format that supports designjet with low memory (line by line
> transfert between the spool on your computer and the printer's spool). This
> operation is hight CPU cost.

The CPU cost is not a problem, the Windoze printer driver has the "in 
computer" option, which does this.
> > Anybody had any more success?
> It's just an idea. The ps to RTL transformation worked, but I had a page
> offset (X and Y) problem, and ghostscript's documentation is so difficult
> to read that I've never find the solution. Now we use the HP jetdirect
> utility on a Win2000 box. I've never tried jetdirect on Linux but I know
> that it exists.

Jetdirect on linux was also a mystery, until we found (without much 
struggling) that a Jetdirect port looks like a normal un*x spool queue. 
Basically, it will print whatever you throw at it.


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