[GRASSLIST:2285] Re: Printing postscript to a designjet

Gordon Keith gordon.keith at marine.csiro.au
Mon Aug 6 02:21:24 EDT 2001

On Thu,  2 Aug 2001 00:43, Henk Coetzee wrote:
> Hi
> I have just spent most of the afternoon fighting with a designjet
> 650, trying to get it to print A0 pages with limited memory.

I have a designjet 750C and use ghostscript.

My /etc/printcap contains:

plotter-raw|remote printer on plotter:\

>cat /var/lib/designjet
-sDEVICE=dnj650c  -sPAPERSIZE=a1 -sOutputFile=\|lpr\ -Pplotter-raw -

Works fine, but uses a bit of CPU on the computer hosting the print 

I have an entry in my /etc/hosts table giving the IP address for 
plotter which has a JetDirect card configured with IP enabled.

Hope this helps


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