[GRASSLIST:2329] Re: Question about import of non georeferencedimage

anne-claire serres anne-claire.serres at thales-is.com
Thu Aug 9 03:36:13 EDT 2001

I first made a new location (in x, y) containing the image and then used  i.target,
i.points & i.rectify.
I build the target location (in lat, long) with the coordonate of the image and
then, with the i.points command, I used 12 points. As the RMS errors is calculated,
it is quit easy to correct the 'wrong' points !!!
Then the i.rectify command allowed to finish georeferencing the image !!!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everybody!


Rich Shepard a écrit :

> On Tue, 7 Aug 2001, anne-claire serres wrote:
> > I import a .tiff ( a scanned image) and now I am trying to georeference it by
> > changing the "current region" but it doesn't work.  I am not allowed to change
> > the projection. Do you know what is the right way ?
> Anne-Claire,
>   Did you get the answer you needed?
> Rich
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