[GRASSLIST:2348] Re: Problem compiling GRASS5pre1 on Mandrake 8.0

Steve Trick TrickSG1 at Cardiff.ac.uk
Thu Aug 16 08:30:49 EDT 2001

Dear All,

My previous problem installing GRASS5.0pre1 was solved by installing 
the zlib-devel package. Prior to that I only had the standard zlib 
library on my system.  Now it installs fine.  Thanks to Glynn for 
helping me out!

A tip for Mandrake users: prior to compiling GRASS5pre1 on my system 
I was using the precompiled binary version.  While using this I 
encountered a problem with NVIZ - it couldn't find the libtk8.3.so.1 
and libtcl8.3.so.1 libraries.  This is beacuse on Mandrake 8.0 these 
files are called libtk8.3.so and libtcl8.3.so.  Creating symbolic 
links to these with the names GRASS wants sorts the problem.


Steven Trick BA MSc
School of History and Archaeology
Cardiff University
PO Box 909
CF10 3XU
email: TrickSG1 at cf.ac.uk
mob: 07799897107

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