Len Coop coopl at ippc2.orst.edu
Thu Aug 23 14:00:41 EDT 2001

I am expanding legend creation options in GRASSLINKS (starting with 3.1), based on
making p.map.new do the work (so legends will be within the map).

I would also like to keep the 3.1 legend system (outside of the map) around as an option, but do not
have a way to compile the "lookup.c" utility. Has anyone redone that to work
with gnu/linux systems (or have a perl-based substitute)?

I am planning other improvements and hope to post upgrades. It seems no one has actively been
developing GRASSLINKS for quite some time now.

Thanks, Len
Leonard Coop
Research Associate
Entomology Dept & Integrated Plant Protection Center
2046 Cordley
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR 97331-2907
Phone 541-737-5523
Fax   541-737-3080

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