[GRASSLIST:2375] grasslist problems

Lisa Zygo Lisa_Zygo at baylor.edu
Wed Aug 29 09:37:09 EDT 2001


We apologize for the inconvience.  Baylor (which hosts this list)
changed mail
systems this summer.  When classes resumed on Aug. 20, the new system
had some
problems with the load.  It appears that they have worked out the
problems (for
now at least).


Thomas Mertens wrote:

> Hallo grasslist,
> This is probably the wrong address, but I wouldn't know any better:
> I havn't received any grasslist e-mails since monday, Aug.20th. Is
there any
> problem with your server or am I somehow knocked off your list?
Although I'm
> not using GRASS at the moment, I do find it interesting to know about
> certain problems popping up every now and then.
> ttfn,
> Thomas Mertens
> --
> GMX - Die Kommunikationsplattform im Internet.
> http://www.gmx.net

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