[GRASSLIST:2796] elevation profiles

Eric Hillmuth ehillmuth at digitalmeridian.net
Mon Dec 17 15:48:58 EST 2001

I'm working with a set of trails that I'm going to need to generate 
profiles for. I've looked into using r.profile with my elevation model 
but my profiles will need to follow a trail, not just one line segment 
as it appears r.profile does. My current thinking is to convert my trail 
vertexes to sites and get elevations for each site then generate my 
profiles in a spreadsheet or graphing application. Does anyone have any 
thoughts on what commands one could use to get elevations for sites from 
an underlying elevation model?

Eric Hillmuth
Digital Meridian
Phone: 303-809-8972
Fax: 303-443-9427

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