[GRASSLIST:1416] REPOST: d.vect cutting algorithm?

Johansen Per Henrik per.henrik.johansen at norgit.no
Fri Feb 2 04:00:40 EST 2001


I tried to send this request some days ago but it seems that it never
reached the list. I apologize if this request should reach you twice.

I am having some difficulties when trying to join several vector layers into
a raster file; GRASS will not draw vectors (polygons work fine) at the n
leftmost and/or n rightmost pixels of the image. 

I use the d.area command to draw polygons and d.vect to draw lines. d.vect
seems to cut off lines that stretches beyond the edge of the image. Is this
a known problem or am I missing out on something?

An image that illustrate my point (roads and streams near the left edge is
cut off) might be found at:


It is generated with the following GRASS commands:

   g.region n=4928226 s=4911624 e=612344 w=593807
   d.mon start=CELL
   d.mon select=CELL
   d.area map=fields fillcolor=green linecolor=black
   d.vect map=roads color=red
   d.vect map=streams color=blue
   d.mon stop=CELL
   g.region raster=D_cell
   r.out.png D_cell

I have also tried to use tcl/tk interface to generate the same image/map.
Here everything seems to work fine, see http://www3.norgit.no/apnee/tcl.png

Anyone know what I am experiencing here?


Per Henrik
Per Henrik Johansen
Norgit AS, http://www.norgit.no

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