[GRASSLIST:1427] Q: Cutting the landscape

m.malicky at landesmuseum-linz.ac.at m.malicky at landesmuseum-linz.ac.at
Wed Feb 7 02:37:54 EST 2001

Hi all!

Sorry to bother you again with this question, I dont know whether it 
got thru to the server last time.

Now I have another question:
In our biodiversity database we have sites of animal/plant 
observations with lat/lon and height above sea level.
Is it possible to display the data not as a normal distribution map 
looking down from above, but looking at it from the side:



height above sea level = y
min-lat to max-lat = x
distribution = o


|o  o oooo                     ooooo
|oooo             oooo      ooooo
|__________________________ x

in addition i would like to display the min and max heights within 
the observed area in the diagram.

if there is no possibility to do this right now I would try and code 
the modules myself


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