[GRASSLIST:1462] Re: Initialising Grass Script From cron

B. Byars Bruce_Byars at baylor.edu
Thu Feb 15 09:44:47 EST 2001


You should be able to run your script from within GRASS by initializing
it form the command prompt from *within* GRASS.  We don something
similar with SWAT/GRASS.  I'm a bit unclear on exactly what exactly
you are starting to do.  However, if you have a script similar to the one I
have attached it should work.  This makes all the calls to a set of binary
programs.  Pay close attention to the front of the script.

Let me know if this helps.


Izak Thomas Henry Deyzel wrote:

> Good Day Everyone,
> I am using Grass4.2.1. I am trying to automise my whole process of data
> manipulation and map production. I am using a bash script to do the
> grass stuff, but need to intialise this script from a cron. Grass and
> its dbase is running the whole time, but the cron runs in its own
> environment oblivious of Grass dbase. I test for the db being active and
> receive errors. Is there a method of exporting Grass' environmental
> variables so that my cron environment will be aware of the dbase or is
> there a method of intialising Grass and its dbase within the cron
> script:
> e.g. grass4.2 <<-script
> .....grass stuff....
> exit
> script
> Thank you.
> Izak
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Izak T.H. Deyzel
> Meteorologist
> South Africa
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