[GRASSLIST:1515] Re: import vector

Gaetan GUYODO gaetan.guyodo at lrb.ap-hop-paris.fr
Mon Feb 26 05:04:03 EST 2001

Thanks, I've done everything...
My data are in a Lambert II projection.
And I'm working in lat-long coordinates...
I didn't find the projection "Lambert II étendu", which is used in France.
Is there any way to make the translation from this projection to lat-long or
another one, supported by Grass ?
thanks for your ideas


Le mer, 21 fév 2001, vous avez écrit :
> On Wed, 21 Feb 2001, Gaetan GUYODO wrote:
> > Which table do I open, and with which soft ?
> Gaetan,
>   In MapInfo, open the table you want to translate to GRASS. Then select
> (from the menus) Table | Export. The dialog box asks for a name of the
> exported table (with the .MIF extension) and the directory in which it
> should be written.
>   Also, these are DOS/Windows files, so they have a cr/lf at the end of each
> line. Run the utility, dos2unix, on them to change the end of line character
> to a lf (`\n').
>   Now you can move your data (the *.mif/*.mid files) to the directory in
> which you have your GRASS data and run v.in.mif. With a bit of luck, it will
> work on your data.
> Rich
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