[GRASSLIST:1525] DOQQ UTM to SPCS from tiff+tfw files

mberglund mberglund at rcinfo.net
Tue Feb 27 14:47:06 EST 2001

Hello all,
I am a newbie, but have looked long and hard for a direct answer to what
seems to be a simple problem.

I would like to take a series of doqq's which are in tiff/tfw file and UTM
projection and:
	1: import them into grass
	2: reproject the doqq to SPCS from UTM
	3: overlay a shape file of a grid system(in SPCS)
	4: divide each portion of the doqq according to the grid
	5: export each chunk into the same tiff/tfw combination

Basically, I want to create chucks along section lines of the doqq.

I started to just try and import the 128M and my machine (PII/300
96M/Ram) ran for days (3) and ended up locking up, this was on grass5.x

I am wondering if there is a memory issue with a file of this size. I
noticed that as time grew on ram and swap were both growing boundlessly,
but I was asleep when the final crash occured.

In any event, am I going to need weeks and huge machines to do this?
And is there a simplified run down of how this can be accomplished(most

Matt Berglund

Unix is best described as an old, sturdy tree.
It is well structured, always growing, and has passed the test of time.

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