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G'Day Maribeth,

Not a problem (Keeping you up to date - but please also prompt me as I get
very busy!)  - should do what I do for the 20 or so lists I am on.  Setup an
email account for each one and access it using IMAP.  Then every developer
in your org can read and follow stuff.

While I am on the boat of receiving tons and I means tons of good info
here - this GIS community so overflowing with products, people and
projects - it is the best I have seen in open source next to PHP or apache.

Anyway try e-smith www.e-smith..com or .org - we are partners.  Makes
managing your own lists very easy.  Just my side $0.02.

I'd be keen to share any code I find or my lead programmer generates.


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> Richard,
>    We're thinking of using the FreeGIS internet map server (which appears
> be based upon GRASS) because it can work with raster files
> <http://freegis.org/cd-contents.en.html>.  I received the following
> information about it from Jan-Oliver Wagner <jan at intevation.de>...
> On Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 01:11:59PM -0500, Maribeth Milner wrote:
> >    I had a question about the FreeGIS CD,
> > <http://freegis.org/cd-contents.en.html>.  The page says that the CD
> > contains a "server for web-based, interactive mapping".  Does the
> > map server functionality have the full power of GRASS behind it?  [i.e.
> > the internet map server process raster and vector data?]
> there are two products on the CD:
> MapIt!: Handles only raster maps and points of interest - but light
> and simple.
> MapServer: Handles raster and vector data. Full blown -so called-
> Web Mapping Server. Querying, zooming, adding layers, changing appearance
> and similar things are possible.
> None delivers the full power of GRASS (e.g. complex geo-spatial
> Actually this is hardly possible nor does it really make sense.
> > If it did - that
> > would be a better product than anything I know that's out there.
> Actually MapServer is the most powerful application of this type
> that is Free Software. There are tons of proprietary products out
> there that offer more or less the same. MapServer is surely among
> the best (including both, free and proprietary).
>    I'm waiting for a decision to press ahead with this.  It may be a
> but I'd be interested in corresponding with you about it.  If you received
> some good feedback, would you mind forwarding it to me?  [I mistakenly
> deleted all of my Grass postings today except yours.]
> Maribeth
> At 01:18 PM 7/5/2001 +1000, you wrote:
> >G'Day All,
> >
> >Our company has been hired to help some academics do some sophisticated
> >enabled GIS stuff.
> >
> >Now the academics are good at GIS and what not.  They are currently using
> >ArcView.  I have dabbled in ArcIMS to make web viewable pages and did get
> >to work - but the program has to be the most inflexible and error prone
> >install problems ever.
> >
> >We are as a company committed to open source so we started trying GRASS.
> >am 1.3 through two tutorials on it.
> >
> >My question before I get too far is...
> >
> >We want to be able to store the data in a more sophisticated manner -
like a
> >MySQL or Sybase database.  And be able to enter and manipulate that data
> >from a web page with PHP.  The idea is to allow the stake holders in the
> >area being studied a level of "What if" analysis.
> >
> >Plus the general benefit of storing data in a proper RDMS for other more
> >general data mining tasks.
> >
> >Now how does or does GRASS support any form of serving live dynamic pages
> >content for a web site.  Or is ti just a stand alone GIS like ArcView.
> >
> >We are looking for the ArcIMS way of doing things - or presenting things
> >once created in an ArcVIEW session.  Is GRASS more analogous to ArcView
> >not ArcIMS?  Or can it do both?
> >
> >What are the suggestions from the experts?  :)
> >
> >Cheers,
> >
> >Richard Ford.
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> >
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