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Richard Ford grass at cubok.com
Fri Jul 6 07:44:51 EDT 2001

Maybe do what they do in video games.

Crop.  Work out the viewable area of the polygon by subtracting it's
position that is outside the window and draw that.

Or use a larger virtual window and crop it down to size.

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> Hi all,
> We are developing a new mapserver using JSP and java
> We are using a MySQL back end for storing the GIS data.
> Let me explain the problem!!
> We are presently unable to draw very big polygons on our Java viewer. We
are not creating the
> images in the server but retrieve data using queries and drawing the data
on the Java viwer (Client side)
> The real problem is our inability to draw the polygons which are bigger
than the viwer co-ordinates. I mean the polygons whose XY points are out of
> x-min,x-max, y-min, and y-max of the viwer.
> How can I get the polygons which makes a backdrop layer but whose xy
points or co-ordinates are out of the limit of the query?
> Can anybody help? If you can't get me...i will explain it with some
images......help me.....
> Jithesh P. Joseph
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