[GRASSLIST:2109] re: r.mapcalc

Rohan Sadler rsadler at agric.uwa.edu.au
Tue Jul 17 00:04:13 EDT 2001

Dear GrassList,

I have just started on Grass last week and am using ver 5.0beta11 on 
redhat 7.1.

r.mapcalc does not work for me so that any expression such as

test3 = test2 - test1                    (with test2 set as MASK)
test3 = if(test2 != test1, 1, 0)

returns just the intersection of test2 and test1,
and not what I want - which is that part of test2 that does not include 
test1 (i.e. test2 minus the intersection).

If anyone has any ideas before I reinstall GRASS please forward them.


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