[GRASSLIST:2111] Re: [GRASS5] d.zoom convenience

Morten Sickel Morten.Sickel at newmedia.no
Tue Jul 17 16:13:16 EDT 2001

On Monday 16 July 2001 22:08, you wrote:
> Has anybody used the new d.zoom for a routine work? It is very nice as
> it zooms-in automatically,
> but I had found it difficult to use - I tended to always click the wrong
> button. 
Another inconvinience with d.zoom is that it does not use the same buttons as 
the zooming within v.digit. The user interface for those two should be as 
close as possible.


      Left:   Establish a corner                                             
      Middle: Accept window                                                   
     Right:  Widen view


Left:   Establish a corner to zoom in
Middle: Unzoom stepwise
Right:  Accept region/Quit

I prefer the way zooming works in v.digit, so I would appreciate if it is 
possible to 'steal' those routines for d.zoom.... (As a good open source user 
I should have made a patch for it, but it is beyond my coding horizon...)

Morten Sickel
GIS Consultant
Drøbak, Norway

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