[GRASSLIST:2115] help request

Stefano De Felici s.defelici at tin.it
Wed Jul 18 10:39:06 EDT 2001

Dear all,
in these days I've found a couple of misfunctioning (or something similar)
in GRASS 5pre01. I'm using RedHat6.2 with ncurses libs suitably updated and:
- Yesterday I was not able in exporting raster using export -> tiff altought
the region was corrected set (with the same procedures GRASS4.3 works fine).
- at the moment my GRASS is completed locked. After I made a mistake in
setting a new location and mapset, I escaped leaving blanks in location and
mapset name. Now, when I start GRASS, an empty window with the title
gis_set.tcl appear at side of the main one (the main one is the window where
appear "Strarting GRASS") and then all stop.
How can I start GRASS again?
Thanks in advance

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