[GRASSLIST:2144] Re: s.surf.rst and prediction error

Andrea Aime aaime at comune.modena.it
Mon Jul 23 11:51:31 EDT 2001

I think you have to use a separate statistical package, such as R, 
to get an estimate of the errors occurred in interpolation (but I'm no
in this field, so I can't tell you how to do it): you'll get this
with every other deterministic interpolation method. As an alternative, 
you can use kriging interpolation method (a geostatistical interpolator)
that provides both interpolated data and an estimate of errors as a
you can use the latest version of GStat to do it, 
it can read GRASS data (and also output them I suspect...):
Hope this helps
Best regards
Andrea Aime

"S . Brewer" wrote:
> Hello All
> On the "Multidimesional interpolation and visualization in GRASS GIS"
> webpage (http://www2.gis.uiuc.edu:2280/modviz/viz/ches.html), there is an
> image showing the predictive error of interpolation.
> I have been using s.surf.rst to interpolate some data, and I would like to
> calculate prediction errors. However, I can't see in the documentation how
> to do this. Is this possible with this module? If so, I would be grateful
> if someone could tell me which syntax to use.
> Thanks in advance
> Simon
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