[GRASSLIST:2150] Norwegian users?

Morten Sickel Morten.Sickel at newmedia.no
Wed Jul 25 14:29:20 EDT 2001

Are there any other Norwegian grass users around? I have seen a couple on the 
mailing lists, but I am a bit curious to see if there are any others.

Has anybody else tried to use files in NGO-projection? I have tried to 
integrate some files in that projection with data originally aquired as 
lat/lon from a GPS, but the datasets doesn't fit too well.

Also, If there are any users in the Oslo / Akershus / Østfold area, I might 
have a few hours of job for you. 

(In case anybody else gets curious, NGO projection is defined as follows:
GRASS:~ > cat /home/grassdata/NGO/PERMANENT/PROJ_INFO
name: Transverse Mercator
datum: NGO48
dx: 319.080000
dy: 37.810000
dz: 463.570000
proj: tmerc
ellps: NGO48
a: 6377492.0175999999
es: 0.0066743723
f: 299.1528083933
lat_0: 58.0000000000
lon_0: 8.3895833333
k_0: 1.0000000000
x_0: 0.0000000000

Other lon_0 values might be used in other parts of Norway)

Morten Sickel
GIS Consultant
Drøbak, Norway

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