[GRASSLIST:2159] Re: FAQ page on importing SDTS DEMs

C.Hoegl at gmx.net C.Hoegl at gmx.net
Thu Jul 26 00:01:48 EDT 2001

On Wed, 25 Jul 2001, Rich Shepard wrote:

>   Back on 30 Dec 1999, Eric Mitchell modified the SDTS DEM faq. I've been
> trying to build the import filters as an alternative to r.in.gdal and the
> non-working (for me) r.proj. But, I'm stuck here with a bug, too.
>   In Appendix A is a large patch file to force the source code into
> uppercase file names. I printed the FAQ to a postscript file, then carefully
> formatted the appendix to match the printed copy. However, it's failing on
> line 56 (dem2sur) because it cannot figure out which file on which to act. I
> don't know how to write the diff files used by patch so I cannot debug the
> problem.
In order to create diffs use diff (available on most unix systems).
Put the original tree in lets say orig and the modified one in new.
run diff on the complete set like this:
diff -u -r orig new > orig-new.diff
(the -u is for unified diff format  (i.e. +  is printed for added/replaced
lines and - is for deleted lines along with some context), while
-r is for recursive directory comparison and diffing.))
Please be aware that diff is not well suited for binary files.
(unless you use -a it will ignore the binary files altogether)

Hope that helps a bit,

(PS: Files are diffable unless there are binary images included)
>   I could tar the whole directory (source files, patch file, Makefile) and
> ship it to someone who knows how to interpret the error message and fix the
> file.
> Help greatly appreciated,
> Rich
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