[GRASSLIST:1803] how to create a new location

Mick Howe mickhowe at sci.net.au
Wed May 2 01:08:41 EDT 2001

I want to create a new location covering my local area. I guess I must be blind
or something because I can't find how to do it in the references.

If some one could puppy walk me through the process I would be most grateful.

I'm using Grass 4.3 on Linux and the area I wish to cover is part of the NSW
south coast lat 149 - 151E, lon 35 - 37S.

I have collected some data in MapInfo and AutoCad dxf formats that I hope to
convert and import.

Also is it worth downloading version 5 given that the best transfer rates I can
achieve lately is about 1.5KB/s with up to 60% packet losses and a 4 hour
automatic cut off.


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