[GRASSLIST:1828] Creating a DEM

michele.rocc at libero.it michele.rocc at libero.it
Fri May 11 04:33:14 EDT 2001


I'm trying to create a DEM from a "scannerized" map, because of the 
large amount of feature I thought to extract in some way the contour 
lines using r.thin and r.line, then I heard that maybe there is som 
problems in doing that (something like r.surf.contour doesn't work fine 
Well, is my idea possible to do? I know that any line will be 
reproduced but I wanted to eliminate manually by v.digit the "not-
contour" lines.
Anyway, even it I decide to copy all contour lines point by point, is 
there a working feature in GRASS to create the DEM?

Thanks,   Michele

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