[GRASSLIST:1853] i.cluster

Martin Wass capron23 at hotmail.com
Mon May 21 10:23:57 EDT 2001

Why is i.cluster only produsing one class in lover sample as 3,3

subgroup: cluster2 = Landsat TM  Band 1,2,3,4,5,7

i.cluster group=sachsen subgroup=cluster2 sigfile=sig.25 classes=100 
sample=3,3 iterations=30 convergence=98 separation=0 min_size=2

Reading image ...  100%
Iteration 1: %Convergence 2.30 (2m30s elapsed, 35m00s left)
Iteration 2: %Convergence 92.48 (2m40s elapsed, 24m00s left)
Iteration 3: %Convergence 100.00 (2m49s elapsed, 18m18s left)

Sig25 have now only one class why ? I expected it to be 100

It works better white sample=10,10 and sample=20,20

Is it true that i.cluster never create more clusters than the number of 
start classes ?

Thanks for the help!
/ Maritn Wass
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