[GRASSLIST:1862] i.cluster

Martin Wass capron23 at hotmail.com
Wed May 23 02:52:08 EDT 2001

Hi Markus !

>For "separation" you may try 0.5. "iterations" I wouldn't specify but 
> >leave this to GRASS. "sample" I wouldn't specify.

If I leave sample rate out it works because i.cluster then use an calculated 
default value in my case sample=56,50. I tryed
alot of diffrent separations betwen 0.5-1.5 but in this test that
I made I whanted to have lots of classes thats whay I used separtion=0
and min_size=2 but i still only got one class if the sample is low as

I thort that sample should be as low ass possible for good accurse.
and iterations set hig enof so the computer dos not stop for maximum
iterations and low enof to protect the computer form into forever lop.

Maby classes shoud be renamed to maxclasses

/Martin Wass

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