[GRASSLIST:1899] i.rectify to a Named Region in Target Location?

Phillip J. Allen paallen at attglobal.net
Wed May 30 08:35:06 EDT 2001


I am very new to grass, I just started about 3 weeks ago.  I am thinking
about scanning and rectifying about 150-200 1:25000 scale A1 size
topographic maps.  An before starting I am trying to work out the most
efficient (assembly line style process) and fastest way to do it.

Since I have all the map sheets 4 corner coordinates in a database, I
think I will generate a named region for each map sheet in the target
location and i.groups programatically.  But when you i.rectify you only
have the option to rectify the raster into the current region or the
smallest region.  I don't want to have to exit and change the current
region for each and I have to trim the edges off each scanned map.

The man pages don't say anything about running off a command lien but is
it possible to do something like:
  i.rectify group=mymapgroup image=mymapscan region=mymapregion

Would it be easily possible to modify the i.rectify code to make it do
this?  I do know a bit of C++ but I wimped out and just installed the
pre compiled binaries for my Linux RH6.2 system.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks

Phillip J. Allen
Consulting Geochemist/Geologist
Lima Peru
e-mail: paallen at attglobal.net

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