[GRASSLIST:2584] tcltk & bind on Mac OS X

Quim Soler i Subils jsole010 at correu.udg.es
Thu Oct 11 03:52:57 EDT 2001

Hello everybody,

                    I have some problems with the tcltk package of
grass5.0pre2 on Mac OS X. At this moment I have a PowerMac G4 running
XFree86 into an Aqua window with the vnc server-viewer. So grass5 is
running into a X11 environment as required. I can work with grass5 in
text mode (the x0 monitor appears after doing d.mon, the display
commands are working...) but I can't open the tcltkgrass environment.

When I start it with "tcltkgrass&" the xterm says:

                    GRASS5.0 > Application initalization failed: unkown
color mode "Black"
                    Error in startup script. Can't invoke "bind"
command. Application has been destroyed while executing
                    "bind balloon<Enter>{
                    set balloonHelp(%W,after) [after 400{updateBalloonHelp%W}]
                    (procedure "BalloonInit" line 2)
                    invoked from within
                    (file "/usr/local/grass5/tcltkgrass/main/gui.tcl"
line 1680)
                    invoked from within
                    "source $env(TCLTKGRASSBASE)/main/gui.tcl"
                    (file "/usr/local/grass5/bin/tcltkgrass" line 17)

                    I have this problem with the binaries I have
compiled myself but with the MacOS binaries of the ftp server
(grass5beta11) too.
Any idea? Maybe I have my tcl binaries and libraries in a wrong place
but I don't think so because the sources have been compiled without any
problem. Or maybe it's a problem with my X11 environment? I have the
8.3.3 version of the tcltk libraries compiled from sources. 

Well, thank you very much in advance,

Quim Soler
Laboratori d'Arqueologia
Universitat de Girona

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