[GRASSLIST:2592] Zooming in on raster/vector file automatically

izak izak at metsys.weathersa.co.za
Mon Oct 22 03:01:34 EDT 2001

Good day Grass Users,

I hope you can help me. I need advice.

I would like to create agricultural products using meteorological data,
but need to zoom in on the polygon automatically with raster as backdrop
(+ site data, etc...). I see that v.digit uses this technique of
displaying the vector as full screen - how does this function adapt the
region? Can I write a script to do this for me or is there an easier

I use Grass5pre1 compiled on RH 6.2

Thank you for your help.

Keep well.


I.T.H. Deyzel
South African Weather Service
Irene, Gauteng

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