[GRASSLIST:2624] tcltkgrass startup problem

Wyco, Mark Mwyco at TheITGroup.com
Wed Oct 31 16:04:23 EST 2001

Hello, I am trying to set up Grass5 on an intell based PC.  I am using
Dragonware Linux.  

I have no problem installing the program and opening up the Spearfish demo
maps using command lines from the terminal in KDE.  My problem is that I
would like to get tcltkgrass to run.  Unfortunately when I try to start it I
get the message "wish not found"  I tried the precompiled binaries, and I
tried compiling my own binary with the same results.  I downloaded the
wish8.0 library package and no luck.  

I tried Grass4.3 and when I tried to run tcltkgrass the error message that I
did not have permission to execute wish.  

I am assuming the problem is in how I have linux set up on my machine, but I
am not familiar with the OS to know what I am doing wrong.  Can anyone help

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