[GRASSLIST:4306] GIS visitor requests directions

Nigel McFarlane nrm at kingtide.com.au
Sun Aug 18 11:59:02 EDT 2002

Dear GRASS folk,

I'm a tiny educational publisher trying to produce science posters
that include basic maps. GIS is not my training. I do have a
strong software and maths background.  I could use a little advice.

I have spent buckets of time trying to bend this package
to a basic task, but I've run out of ideas what to do next. I'm
using GRASS 5.0.0pre1 on Linux 7.2.

My goal: lay out a map based on satellite, vector and site data
in the middle of a science poster (on physics). I have to use real
science/surveying data, but I have to project any maps in a
culturally sensitive way.

In order to do this I've struggled up the GIS learning curve.
I've found and assembled the data (GLOBE DEM, MODIS vegetation,
.csv point lists and SDTS/VMAP0 files). I've installed GRASS.
I've loaded up GLOBE DEM tiles and viewed them in their
default 'plate carre' projection in tcltkgrass, using a
PERMANENT location based on Lat-Long coordinates. I've agonised
over the mathematical basis of projections and re-interpolation
of raster data. All this is fairly clear.

I cannot re-project anything to another projection. I've read and
re-read about setproj and numerous other commands. Can't do it.
Don't know what the right steps are. No idea. I've messed around
extensively and never got close. I've read just about everything
on GRASS that google reports.

I want to turn all my lat/long raster data into
re-projected raster data, and re-project all vector/point files
into new files that Adobe PhotoShop can read.
Then PhotoShop loads the lot and all the layers should sit on
top of each other perfectly, since they're all projected the

I'm almost ready to turn to Manifold for this job, but
that won't fit well my established unix-based processes.
I don't want to use Manifold unless I absolutely have to.

Can some kind soul point out how I can re-project?  Either
a little handholding or some examples of batch scripts would be
most helpful.

thanks very much for your time.


Nigel McFarlane.

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