[GRASSLIST:4321] r.out.bin -h (export GMT binary raster grids)

Thomas Dewez Thomas.Dewez at brunel.ac.uk
Mon Aug 19 11:19:48 EDT 2002

Dear all, 

I've just had an exchange with the GMT folks about importing GRASS
raster grid into GMT. The following solution works well (for those
who are interested):

r.out.bin input=myraster output=- | xyz2grd -Rmylimits -ZTLf -F -I10
-Dm/m/m/1/0/=/= -Gmygrid.grd

The man page for r.out.bin says the -h switch should produce
GMT ready files (netCDF grid files). Yet GMT doesn't recognize them as
netCDF format. Is there something I should tune. I tried:

r.out.bin -h input=myraster output=myraster.grd null=-9999

Any hints on what's going on?



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