[GRASSLIST:4369] import e00 and display of cats

Ulrich Leopold uleopold at science.uva.nl
Fri Aug 23 07:05:37 EDT 2002


I imported an e00 grid/raster file with m.in.e00.
It had 10 different maps inside added as VAT. They are all integer maps so far.

But I have problems to extract now the maps. They were all written to the 
cats/ directory. I used

cp new_cat old_cat ; r.support old_map

If I use after that

r.cat old_map > file1 ; r.cat new_map > file2 ; paste file1 file2

I get the expected differences in category values. BUT I cannot display 
them. I get always just the category numbers (1 - 142) displayed but not the 
actual category values (ranging from 200 to 5000). This is for all imported 
e00 maps.

Any ideas, what my mistake is?



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