[GRASSLIST:4386] Re: Jeeping & fixing maps

michele.rocc at libero.it michele.rocc at libero.it
Tue Aug 27 04:38:19 EDT 2002

Hi Dave

Grass is really powerfull and has functions that sometimes
you can find only in "some thousands $ commercial software".
But to really use this power may need to have some skill
in coordinate system and map projection use.

>Is this stuff that GRASS can do? 
>Can Grass:
>  read data directly from the GPS unit? (at the end of the day).

Yes but only in WGS84 system. I think is always better to generate
text files to import.

>  let me draw on the maps?
>  support layers?
>  show/hide various layers?
>  import a text file of gps track or waypoints?

>  print a selected map area to several letter sized pages?

Yes, using a paint program outside grass (e.g. The Gimp)

>  Print a selected map area shrunk to 1 page?

Yes comfortably by The Gimp, you can simply generate a bitmap file with grass

>  Do all this from a GUI?

Maybe, but sometime is more simple give some prompt command.

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