[GRASSLIST:5150] Re: finding sinkholes

Johannes Bühler johannesbuehler at oderbruecke.de
Wed Dec 4 20:50:13 EST 2002

Hi John 
> It seems to me that the size of the sinkhole and the resolution of your
> dem would have a serious effect on what you could identify.  
right, but for my purpose the quality of the data is good enough. perhaps
sinkhole is not the most felicitous word. I mean "Depressed areas". 

> Valleys with
> internal drainages such as bolsons 
by the way what are bolsons (my english dictionary does not include this
> should show up, but a true sinkhole
> such as you see in karst topography might be too small to register,
> depending on dem resolution.  For bolsons, an hydrological analysis of
> drainage patterns for centripetal systems might work to isolate discrete
> closed basins.

i just need a simple operation/command like "find all depressed areas"
Nothing complicated.


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