[GRASSLIST:5159] Re: Getting started

Michael Ash mash at econs.umass.edu
Thu Dec 5 15:14:43 EST 2002

>     installed 4.99+5.0.0pre4,
>     downloaded the global sample data set,
>     unzipped and untarred it,
>     ran "grass5 -tcltk" and
>     try to open the data set by pointing and clicking.
> I get
>     Starting GRASS ...
>     The selected location is not a valid GRASS location
> Suggestions?

Please be more specific about "pointing and clicking."

After you ran grass5 -tcltk, did you get a graphic dialog
box with sub-boxes for Database, Location, and Mapset?

Where did you untar the global sample data set?
(Database should indicate the full path of its directory,
e.g., if global is in /home/user/grass/global, then Database
should indicate /home/user/grass)

Does "global" appear as an option in the Location box?  If
so, select it.

Does "PERMANENT" appear as an option in the Mapset box?  If
so, select it.

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