[GRASSLIST:5167] WinGRASS pre3 and 5.0.0

Michael Ash mash at econs.umass.edu
Fri Dec 6 01:48:21 EST 2002

The precompiled binary of WinGRASS for the xserver is pre3, while the precompiled binary for generic is the release 5.0.0.  

On balance, I prefer the xserver flavor (more stable, sharper graphics on my computer, can issue command and see the monitors at the same time),

BUT the program d.vect.area appears in 5.0.0 but not in pre3.  

1. Is it possible/safe to mix and match, i.e., to install pre3 for the xserver but to use the d.vect.area program from 5.0.0?

2. Is there a precompiled binary of WinGRASS 5.0.0 for the xserver available on the net?  (I didn't see it at the mirror sites.)

Best regards,

Michael Ash

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