[GRASSLIST:5193] v.line2poly

Dragos Lipan dlipan at pcrai.ro
Mon Dec 9 05:15:11 EST 2002

Found in my distribution a v.line2poly.
I'm not sure if is only contributed or is a basic module.
Trying to convert a line vector to a poly one, i noticed that only few (20%)
of the expected poligons were generated.

How can I find some more info about v.line2poly.
And even more, how can I "build poligon topology" (as Esri name the process)
from a line vector using Grass?


Dragos Lipan
Parcul National Piatra Craiului
2223 Zarnesti
Str. Raului. 27
Tel/fax (04)(068)223008
dlipan at pcrai.ro

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