[GRASSLIST:5215] Re: netCDF to raster

Paul Hasenohr phasenohr at cls.fr
Wed Dec 11 09:16:37 EST 2002

Hello Vidya,

I know two ways to import netCDF files into GRASS.
1) You install R and you use R inside GRASS. R is able to read netCDF 
files, so you can export your variable in GRASS. I used this method six 
months ago and it worked fine.

2) An other option
You convert your netCDF file to an ascii file readable with the r.in.ascii 
I prefer this option because it is less system resources consuming.
I made a shell script to convert netCDF file into GRASS raster ascii file 
but I use netCDF tools developed by my company and there are 
not  publically available. However, if you are interested in, I can send it 
to you and I believe that it is easily portable with the nco tools 
(http://nco.sourceforge.net, have a look at ncks)


At 01:14 11/12/2002 -0800, vidya kotamraju wrote:
>Hi all,
>I am a newbie at GISs and GRASS.
>I am using GRASS 5.0.0 and need to convert a netCDF
>format dataset to the raster format in GRASS.I suppose
>one needs to gmake r.stage3 which doesnt come with
>GRASS 5.0.0
>How do i go about this process ? Do i need to download
>some additional files ?
>And how can i convert the raster form back to netCDF ?
>any pointers ?
>Vidya Kotamraju
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